Why Sex Is Important? Tips to Keep A Healthy Sex Life?

Over the course of human existence, there is the recurring topic of human interactions, intimacy, and sex life. While some societies are more liberal about the topic of sex and intimacy, some others prefer to keep such matters private, But there is no denying that it plays a big role in our human societies. In the past, pieces of literature like the Ars Amatoria and the Kama Sutra left nothing hidden as regards to human sexual interactions and our sex life in general.

Is sex important in marriage? How do you keep an active sex life after marriage? These are common questions that arise from couples. Here, we will outline the benefits of having an active sex life and why it is important to have a healthy sex life 

How Important Is Sex?

Sex is a beautiful interplay of giving and take, which is actually the basis of any human interaction. Studies have shown that bonds strengthen between partners in a relationship after sex.

Sex is an important part of our lives and it plays a key role in our overall well-being. In relationships, sex life or orgasms play a significant part in bonding. A healthy sex life generally indicates a healthy person, in both mental and physical. Healthy sex life is one way of improving the quality of your life.

In a more practical thought process, sex is the major factor in reproduction. When pleasure is the goal, there is a long list of derivable benefits and rewards, for engaging a partner in sex and related activities.

Is Daily Sex Good For Health?

Truly, it is hard for some to imagine having sex every day for a year, given the amount of effort, dedication and perseverance required for this level of active sex life.

However, just like any physical activity, healthy sex life is very good for your body. As highlighted above, there are lots of sex benefits attributed to regular sexual activity. As of now, there are no side effects of everyday sex, except possible exhaustion. Sex itself can serve as a light workout and the possibility that you will build stamina. You can use sex toys to spice up your sexual life.

What are The Benefits of Sex?

In the past, many on the side of exploring the boundaries of sex have been slated for hedonism and the reckless submission to physical pleasure. Some have argued that sex leads to lack of focus and in some cases, spiritual misalignment. 

Today, thanks to the scientific methods available, we can now backup claims of sex benefits and ultimately its importance that Is sex important? Well, sexual intimacy and activities can surprisingly (or unsurprisingly to some) offer benefits in many areas of life, including:


Physical benefits of having an active sex life are more visible than some of the other sex benefits. A healthy and active sex life could be directly linked to:

1. Overall Improvement in Both Appearance and Bodily Functions

Perhaps one of the most visible benefits of sex is how it reflects on the body, both internally and externally. Studies show that sex benefits individuals who partake in regular sexual activities. Their overall body functions tend to be optimal, as opposed to individuals with inactive sex life. The link between sexual activity and overall healthy body is clear.

2. Regular Sex Benefits The Heart

It has been proven that sex can be a good cardiovascular exercise in young men and women. Though considered a light exercise. Doctors say it is directly tied to lowering blood pressure, strengthening muscles (with body movements and assuming different positions during the course of intercourse), increasing libido ( which improves secretion of dopamine and improves moods), burning calories and reducing the risk of stroke, heart diseases and hypertension.

3. An Active Sex Life Boosts Immunity

Internally with proven cases, sexual activity has been proven as a contributor to the improved immune system and better bladder control in women. Also, orgasms can act as pain blockers both in men and women. This is especially true for light headaches, back and leg pain in women. While this might sound far-fetched, studies show that regular sexual activity reduces the possibility of prostate cancer, improves sleep and eases stress.

4. Good Looks and Clear Skin

If you’re wondering why a friend suddenly looks younger and with clearer skin, you will not be far off if you guess that sex is a big factor. Clinical neuropsychologists have found that older men and women with active love/sex lives looked five to seven years younger than their actual age.


There are many motivations for sex, but many are attributed to emotion. Some of the emotional benefits of sex include:

1. Improvement of Self-Confidence

Most people whom before sex, felt a certain way about their bodies, start building some confidence after sex. This can be linked to the fact that an external party finds their bodies attractive and even their personalities interesting enough.

2. Personal Intimate Connection

During sexual intercourse or other related sexual activities like masturbation, you get to connect with your body in a pleasurably intimate way. This helps you discover what you prefer and can greatly improve your sexual experience with your partner.

3. Expression of Love and Care

Sexual intimacy can greatly help partners bond in a relationship. The knowledge that you are sharing and experiencing the most intimate parts of yourselves helps strengthen ties in relationships. It is one of the forms of expressing love and care for each other.

4. Stress Reliever

It is no secret that the less stressed you are, the better your emotional state is. Sexual activity helps placate the riot in your mind, by giving an overwhelming experience to help counter the derailing results of mental and emotional stress.


As human beings, our brains are wired for social connection. Connections and Interactions with family and friends boost our overall health. Consequently, sex benefits in our social life include:

1. Strengthening Connections

During sexual intercourse, your brain secretes oxytocin, which plays a vital role in developing and strengthening relationships. While this is great for romantic and sexual relationships, it is seen to also have a spillover effect with other relationships and friendships as well. Studies show that people in happy relationships find it easy to make new friends and handle interactions better. When you are sexually fulfilled, you’ll be able to better express yourself and maintain other relationships beyond your romantic/sexual ties.

2. Forming New Bonds and Connections

There is a direct link between the ability to have better social interactions, and healthy sex life. The correlation between the two is that an individual with an active sex life is more likely to freely form social connections because they are more comfortable. The comfort is attributed to their ability to form intimate connections with their sexual partners.


There have been many studies in the past and even ongoing, on the mental and psychological effects of sex. It should be noted that this covers all sexual activities, whether penetration or masturbation. Some of these benefits include:

1. Satisfaction and Happiness

In some studies, the final results concluded that sexual activity can provide important psychological benefits including increased satisfaction and happiness with mental health and state of mind.

2. Lessened (and in some cases total elimination) of Immature Psychological Defence Mechanism

It was observed in individuals with active sex life, that they had an improved ability to spot, identify, and ultimately express emotions felt, increased levels of trust, love and intimacy in relationships.

3. Improved Mood

As you age, sexual activities affect your moods and ultimately your brain chemistry. Studies show that older people with active sexual life had far better moods and were less likely to be depressed.

4. Production of more brain cells

While an active sex life will not automatically make you a genius, it will help with a few things that will ultimately make you smarter. For starters, one sex benefit is that it helps you grow more brain cells. During sex, your brain creates more neurons. Most of these cells are created in the hippocampus, a region linked with information retention. Studies show that constant sex has been linked to better memory and recollection.

5. Development and improvement of analytical thinking capabilities

Sex has been found to improve analytical and concrete thinking. The sheer act of sex itself causes the mind to react and restructure into thinking patterns that reinforce better analysis and logical thinking. To back this up, a study by Rutgers scientists say that orgasms have been seen to be more effective at maintaining our cognitive health. While brainteasers and games light up only parts of our brain, sex activates the whole brain at once.


In relationships and by extension marriages, sex is very important. Some of the benefits of sex in relationships include:

1. Building and maintaining intimacy

An important sex benefit in relationships is the ability to build an intimate connection between partners. Couples with an active sex life tend to build more intense connections that strengthen their bond. 

2. Better communication

Couples with an active sex life tend to communicate better, have shared intimate moments with each other.

How Sex Benefits Men & Women? Does Sex Toys Play An Important Role in Sexual Life?

Regular sex invariably maintains a healthy level of intimacy, love and a sense of belonging, all of which are important in the mental and emotional health of partners. It is important for married couples to maintain a healthy sex life during the course of their union. Partners need to make deliberate efforts to keep a healthy sex life going, so they can enjoy to the fullest, they can add sex toys in their sex routine to remove boredom. The women sex toys and men sex toy benefits are inherent in lovemaking.

Sex Benefits for Women’s Health

We can all agree that even though the benefits of sex as highlighted above, affect both men and women, there are some sex benefits reflected only in women. Some of these sex benefits include:

1. Improved/Increased Libido

A high libido in women is associated with self-esteem and pain relief in women. adult toys like vibrators lead you to insane vibrations that create insane excitement, this way your sexual desire for your partner increases. This opens a whole lot of possibilities and sexual exploration for women, resulting in better moods and healthy bodies.

2. Trains Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic muscles are responsible for controlling urine flow and can be weakened as women grow older, or by pregnancy. During sex, you get to exercise these muscles and strengthen them, helping women better control their bladders. You can use kegel balls also to strengthen your pelvic floor.

3. Protects Your Brain

Studies show that women who maintained an active sex life into old age had better cognitive functioning than those who did not. When the researchers measured the women’s ability to recall words and adjusted the final results, it was seen that the women who showed a record of having an active sex life enjoyed the sex benefit of a more active mind. 

4. Sex Toys to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

Various women sex toys are available online in India, like vibrators, dildos and sex-machine. This sex toys help females for better arousal and to enjoy sex life.

Sex Benefits For Men’s Health

From puberty throughout the rest of their lives, men actively think and want to engage in sex. On some level, sex is just a hormone-powered body function. This is one of the most basic instincts. On the other hand, it is a pleasurable, intimate activity.

1. Overall Wellbeing and Health

A healthy sex life includes a sustained sexual desire and the ability to sustain an erection throughout the course of sexual activity. Men can use penis rings to keep their erection up for a longer time.

2. Better Psychological Health

Sex for men serves as a means of improving their mental state and psychological health. Men tend to have a strong connection between their sex life and self-worth most times. 

3. Sex Toys to Satisfy Men in Bed

There are many sex toys which help men for better erection and great sexual satisfaction, like prostate massagers, penis sleeve and butt plugs.

In conclusion, the benefits and overflowing importance of sex cannot be overstated. It is a very integral part of our existence and interactions as humans. Including sex toys also helps to remove dullness, Some people prefer bondage & BDSM products or couple games to level up their sexual life.

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