girls notice these five thing

Anal, the part of the body that has great orgasmic potential and is a delightful part of a woman sexual organ. Anal sex is painful but yet give pleasurable experience. In anal sex, anus and its surrounding, rectum has an intense sexual response for women. It is done for the use of anal toy for anal sex, expansion of anal for anal gape, anal training, massage of anal, it’s for pleasure. Because there is a stimulus different from sex there are people who will become addicted to anal.

  • The clitoris in the women is straightly connected to the surrounding of the anus go through urethra and vagina.
  • The Sphincter muscles, opening muscles of the urethra and anal muscles is highly sensitive react to every little vibration and stimulation.
  • Many active nerves are concentrated inside in the anal, that give a dedicated feeling for excretion.
  • If you stimulate the vagina part of the cervix, it effects on the rectum. Stimulations transmitted internally.

For reason, stimulation and pressure on the anal region lead to anal sex. Pleasant feel reaches to intense orgasm.

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