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Sex positions that men love

Top sex position that men love

We all know sex is all about passion, intimacy and love. Yet the real take is on how various movements allow you to connect, bond and explore each other.

Men and women both have different tastes and preference for almost everything, even when it comes to sex. But what can you do as a woman, to make sure your man has a good time.

So, here we bring you the positions that men will certainly love.

1.  Women on Top

Women, this attractive position put you steering the ship making you the regulator and this is the thing that your man precisely needs. Men love it when you are doing this situation as they don’t need to control the speed and they simply will watch you in your whole hot and wonderful look. Truly, men go wild and horny in this position!

2. 69

Men love this situation however they see fit ladies, they are being satisfied as well! “69 can be stunning and my better half appears to feel less cognizant about getting oral when I am down on her and simultaneously she truly allows herself to free and responds something very similar.” Anonymous.

sex position that men love

3. Missionary

This position leaves the man alone in the force position and the couple can establish the tone together.

“I will be in full control and can slide my hands under my better half’s butts and feel like I have her whole body in my grasp. It feels stunning!

4. Cowgirl

Men discover this position better compared to from the rear on the grounds that in this position the pieces of their young ladies’ body ricochet and men love to contact, feel and see all aspects of their young lady’s body. They even will see her response that makes them go off the deep end. Men likewise love this position on account of the brilliant inclination with an astonishing perspective.

sex position that men love

5. Spooning

This makes for extraordinary snuggling just as outstanding amongst other sex positions. Men love spooning as it is quite possibly the most cozy positions and a go-to when you are feeling torpid and tender simultaneously. The position gives men absolute admittance to their young lady’s body. Additionally, young ladies, you can give yourself a hand at stroking off, a move that drives him wild!

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