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Do You Know 4 Secret Things About Indian Men’s Penis Size?

indian men penis size

Many men are always concerned about their penis sizes. There is too much unknown about the Indian penis, and there are some facts that men themselves do not know. Studies show that men often question themselves – is my penis small? , and how can I get a longer penis?

Penis size is a common reason for anxiety among Indian men. This self-doubt arises due to the unreasonable standards set by adult films, classic myths, and gossip among peers. Most men and women have a perception that having a  bigger penis is the only way to fully enjoy sex, which is far from the truth. Read further to know some interesting things about the Indian man’s penis. 

Interesting facts about penis size & erection

There are interesting facts that stem from medical studies and scientific research, and here we talk primarily about a penis or a penis erection. Many of these facts are backed by surveys and experiences, and some may blow your mind. The thought of how many erections per day can be experienced by men has crossed your mind. Here are some fascinating facts about the penis-

  • Size isn’t everything – For the most part, size does not matter. Having a large or small penis does not determine sexual performance and satisfaction. Women and men will agree that knowing how to use it makes all the difference. Some men are showers while others are growers; this means that it is not ideal to anticipate the size of an erect penis by looking at a flaccid one. 
  • Actual penis length – If you are unaware of your actual penis size, let us tell you the penis is twice as long as you think. Half of the penis is inside your body connected to the rest of the anatomy, so a penis is essentially 8-9 inches long but half of it isn’t visible.  
  • Shoe and hand size myths – It is time to bust some myths here. It is a rather popular belief that a man with large hands or feet (shoe size) will also have a larger penis. While this might be true for some men, it is a mere coincidence as this statement holds no truth. A person or their limb’s size/length does not guarantee the girth/length of a penis. 
  • Susceptible to injury – Well boys, your penis does not have a bone, but it can be fractured. Technically it will not break, but it would feel like it, and you would probably be in a world of pain. The penis is not indestructible and is extremely sensitive. So, play along with your bondage fantasies and wild sex positions, but be sure to be extra careful. 
  • Sexual problems – Sexual barriers like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are more common than you think. The good news is that these are not terminal conditions; they could be chronic in a few cases but are very easily treatable. 
  • Morning erection – If you have a penis, you know very well about the morning erection. Men have an average of 3 to 5 erections in their sleep and usually wake up with an erected penis. It is normal for your male partner to be aroused in the morning; you could get in on that early-morning action.

What Indian men think about their penis size?

More often than not, Indian men are worried about their penis size. The average size of a fully erect men penis is between 5 to 6 inches in length and 3.11inch approx in girth. This penis size is more than adequate and can contribute to healthy and fun sex life. However,

  • Most Indian men want a big penis and often consider their penis size to be small.
  • They also think about and invest in products like supplements and creams for enlarging the penis.
  • Many penis enlarger products like penis extenders and penis pumps are popular among Indian men. 
  •  Most Indian men are conscious of their penis size and are ashamed, oblivious, or scared about asking for help. (This conditioning lies within men of all penis sizes)

What is the average size of a penis in Indian men?

The average Indian penis size is 8-9 inches; however, most of it is inside the body. A length of 2-4 inches is the flaccid penis average size, and the average size of an erected penis is 5 to 6 inches. 

Your penis (unless you are medically diagnosed) is normal and can attain a lot of sexual pleasure for you and your partner. Do not give in to societal norms and enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

Can penis size affect your sexual relationship?

Yes and No! It can affect your sexual relationships only if you let it. Let us give you a little insight on penetration – the vagina and anus both stretch just enough to fit in the penis, causing stimulation through friction from movement. There is no correlation between penis size and sexual pleasure. However, you can always indulge in different sex positions and play with sex accessories to enhance the experience for yourself and your partner. 

What if I have a smaller penis? How can I improve my sex life with smaller penis size?

What is a small penis? – The penis size would be considered small by medical professionals only if it is 1.6 inches or less (flaccid) or less than 3 inches when erect. Some men have a micropenis – an unnaturally small penis. (diagnosed early in life and is treatable) 

What is the Normal penis size? – A penis length can be anywhere between 2 inches (flaccid) and 5-6 inches (fully erect), and even then, it differs from person to person. 

Most men are concerned about not being able to enjoy deep penetrative sex due to penis size. This conditioning, especially within Indian men, has given room to anxiety and low-esteem, when the fact is that penis size does not affect your sex life. Your penis size is enough, and your techniques and sex positions will define your performance, not the size of your penis. If you are conscious about your penis size, you can adapt the below-mentioned techniques to improve sex life-

  • Know different foreplay techniques

A well-known way to boost your sex life is by indulging in many different foreplay techniques. We have emphasized this multiple times that foreplay is as important as sex and if you are feeling even a little conscious in the bedroom, focus on the foreplay. Here are some foreplay ideas to spruce things up – 

– Playing a sex game can warm you guys up quickly, and a sexy adult dice or card game can seduce your partner and engorge your penis size with arousal.  

– Start with oral sex and use novelty sex products like warming lube and flavoured condoms. 

– You can also start with a sensual massage with some sex oils. You and your partner both will feel a lot less conscious about penis size when you’re enjoying yourself and exploring each other’s bodies. 

– Try something new that you haven’t tried before; it could be as small as kissing on the kitchen counter or taking a shower together. 

  • Be aware of female orgasm

Satisfying your female partner will take more than just some sexy moves; let us give you a few tips on the female orgasm.   

– The most erogenous zones on a female body are the nape of the neck, breast/nipples, inner thigh, and clitoris.

– Work the erogenous zones with your sensual touch and kisses to arouse your female partner and to nudge her towards a climax. 

– None of you will be thinking of your penis size when your partner is moaning in pleasure because the power of kissing can make a person weak in the knees. We recommend you change up the way you kiss and be gentler while focusing on the erogenous zones. 

Some sexual products can make your sex life easy

Penis sleeves – These are available in many sizes, colours, and even textures. Usually spiked/ribbed, sex with penis sleeves causes additional friction in the vaginal walls and can double your partner’s enjoyment. Additionally, you could also use a penis ring; it keeps the blood from rushing back into your body and enhances blood flow in the penis resulting in stronger erections. 

Penis Spray or penis oils – You can opt for penis enlargement oil which is packed with nutrients and minerals that can help increasing penis size to some extent. For delayed gratification and to the last longer in bed, go for the penis spray, this desensitizes the tip of the penis, giving you a little longer for sex. 

Sex lubricant – Irrespective of your penis size, we urge that you use sex lubricants. Lubes make sex smooth, and pleasurable and also come in many varieties like cooling/warming, and a plethora of edible/non-edible flavours.  (PRO-TIP – make sure to find one that is compatible with the material of your condom, we recommend water-based lube)

Penis enlarger cream – This is, by far, one of the most popular sexual wellness products, and many men prefer using a penis enlarger cream to boost penis size and performance. These creams are usually made of Ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients and are hence, safe to use. 

A penis extender can help you in your sexual fantasy

Penis extenders are products that one can use for a visible larger/longer penis size. Penis extender sleeves in India are popular because they form the illusion of a longer penis, and this arouses the partner and boosts self-confidence to the wearer. You can buy penis extenders, and penis pumps at Kaamastra.com since they provide security and discreet deliveries. 

Will Masturbation change my penis size?

Another common Indian masturbation myth is that excessive masturbation can stunt growth and affect penis size. Are you wondering is masturbation harmful? There is no scientific evidence or medical research to back this claim, and while masturbation can wear you out for a bit, it does not alter the penis size.

  • It does not affect penis size permanently in any way.
  • Many Indian men masturbation myths like going blind, getting acne, no sperm left, etc., are all scary tales none are true. 

How to keep your penis free from infections & sexually transmitted diseases?

The answer to the above question is – practice safe sex. The most effective way to practice safe sex is by using a condom every single time, be it vaginal, anal, or oral sex. You can keep sexually transmitted diseases at bay by always using a condom. Many of the STI’s are treatable, but you do not need to go through the trouble if you and your partner use condoms. 

Trust us, condoms are not barriers, and they are fun to have sex with while also practising sexually transmitted disease prevention. Here is why- 

  • Condoms come in many varieties like ribbed, dotted, ultra-thin, and are available for all penis sizes.
  • Condoms are lubricated, which enhances the experience and lessens the painful friction.
  • They come in many different flavours so you can enjoy tasteful oral sex. 
  • You can easily and discreetly  buy condom online in India at Kaamastra.com

Maintaining intimate hygiene of your Penis

Regularly cleaned intimate body parts help maintain good hygiene. Whether or not you have an active sex life, look after your penis and the area around it to keep them clean, infection-free, and odour-free.

How to maintain daily hygiene for the penis?

An everyday routine penis wash in the shower is the best way to maintain hygiene. These easy steps should help – 

  • Clean the penis head and shaft under running water; be gentle while pulling back the foreskin. A moderate stream of water would be good since that is the most sensitive part of the penis; you want to be as gentle as you can. 
  • We recommend regular cleaning with water, or if you would like to go an extra step use a men’s intimate wash. Avoid using everyday bath soaps, cleaners, or deodorants as they may irritate the skin.
  • The men’s intimate wash in India has gained immense popularity, and rightfully so. Invest in a good quality mild wash made for the needs of the penis. 

How should I clean my penis after sex?

Once you have had the time to catch your breath and settle, clean your intimate area immediately. Maintaining the hygiene of penis after sex is imperative. 

  • Wash with running water and mild unscented soap around your penis, anus, and scrotum. 
  •  Clean gently every time you bathe and avoid harsh rubbing. 
  • Pull back the foreskin and clean the shaft of the penis. Sweat, sperm, lube, and other bodily fluids can get accumulated here. 
  •  Do not forget the inner thighs and the perineum (this is the skin between your anus and scrotum).

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