5 Romantic Gestures of Women That Every Man Will Love

Not just girls have sensitive feelings. It is also with the guys. The only difference is that the girls show their emotions and desires whereas boys don’t. Oh well, we are not harking on the emotional aspect of how he feels. Let’s get down to the bed—forgive the straight tone—we mean business here. Spare a thought for the men who in reality crave for lovemaking in a particular manner from their partners. Wonder how? Check ‘em out.

1. Wooing Him

Getting to the business is easy. However, the guy often wishes his partner to woo him into bed. Give him peek-a-boo peeps into what you have within your lacy chemise. Doll up with quirky innerwear. No matter how bad a day he has at work, he will get mad to hold you tight and squeeze thing out of you.

2. Phone and Calls

Why just a plain SMS? Thrown in a naughty liner. Express that you want him right then when he is at work. We know that meetings are stapling but so is his desire for sex. Spunk up his hours of work with a romantic message thrown in as to how you loved last night’s round. Also, express your desire as to how you want to see him that evening. Trust us; this could set his desires soaring.

3. Tease Him

Surprise him with small things once he is back home. We cannot advice you to make him jump into a romp right after he is back home. However, try and tease him to hurry up. Maybe wearing no underwear while you get him a steaming mug of coffee could let him steam up to some awesome couch sessions.

4. Keeping Small Surprise

A guy never likes to celebrate monthly anniversary always. Nevertheless, a feeling of being wanted and worth of being loved gives enormous satisfaction. Maybe try and deck up in a new top he wanted you to wear way back. Maybe you can get some tattoo in an area accessible only to him. No matter how emergent his desires get, a small surprise will get him to want more and more.

5. Respectful Always

Guys always want their girlfriend to respect him. This goes in bed too. Never ever laugh at his gestures and never poke fun if a pose goes awry in bed. Try and be patient. Help him get it right. Perhaps, being a bit docile lets you steam up the session faster.

We are sure these gestures will be a path to groundbreaking sex. He is all yours and better keep him grounded to enter you in a manner that you dare not forget! And of course, do not forget the bites and the kisses too. Throw them in for fun and steam at the same time.

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